I’m always in my element with a pair of oven mitts and a wooden spoon in my hand! Cooking to me has always brought great happiness and nourishment to my soul.The greatest pleasure I get is when I feed the people I love and watch their faces glee with happiness and wanting seconds!

I’ve been fascinated with cooking since I was little toddler back in the late seventies. I used to watch my mother make cakes whilst perched on the kitchen counter with my tiny feet in midair poking my chubby fingers in the creamy sweet cake batter.. That sums it all !

This blog has been long overdue..I always say “your ready when your ready”  here, I will share everything I love to cook, what I’ve invented and learnt from my travels around the world, funny odd tips and many more. The recipes will be pure and simple with my usual suspects. olive oil,sea salt and butter (the French will approve!)There will be lots of sweet stuff too..I think my right of passage must have been the cake batter!

I also have a particular weakness for mediterranean cuisine, The simplicity and authentic flavours that permeate the mediterranean coast with its rich red layered soil is what grabs me. oh, and the smell of onions frying in a hot pan with loads of olive oil.. At the end of the day it’s all about creating memories with people you love. Food is my nostalgic guide.

I hope you Enjoy this blog

love Nadine xxx